New version of the tracker app needs manual downloading

Dear GPS Tracker users,

On the 20th of March we received notification from Google that the current version of the app was to be removed from the play store for not having a persistent notification. That meant we had to add the notification, and re-register the app as a completely new application.

Unfortunately this means that many hundreds of thousands of our users will need to manually download the new version in order to receive app updates.

It is fairly simple to check if you have the old or the new version as can be seen in the image below:

Old version on the left, new version on the right

Old version on the left, new version on the right

As you can see, inside the app for the old version you simply see GPS Tracker, while on the new version you see the full GPS Tracker For Android. Also on your app screen for the old version you again see GPS Tracker, while for the new you should see GPS Tracker..

If you have the old version, please uninstall the version you have, and then head here to download the new version. You can also just search for “gps tracker for android” in the play store.

Unfortunately this will mean a change in your tracking code, so you will need to make a note of the new one, and you will now also see a notification in the notification tray. If you wish to hide the notification you simply need to click and hold on it, and then turn off “Allow notifications” for this app.

There are however some positives to the new version. Firstly the new app is able to bypass the battery savers on most devices. This is a great change particularly for Samsung users who previously had to manually add the app to the un-monitored list. Another great change is that the tracking system now uses HTTPS for the full lifecycle of the tracking, a great addition for security.

If you have any questions feel free to email [email protected]

Ps. Could I ask those of you who have found the app useful for a favor. As the app has had to be re-submitted, there are currently no reviews in the play store. This is really affecting the Google rankings. Could you be so kind to please leave a review.

Thank you,


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