Important information regarding auto-refreshing

Dear Users,

Google, who provide the maps for this site recently introduced some pricing changes for their map views. Previously sites were allowed 25000 map views per day free of charge, and then billed at $0.50 per 1000. Now there are under 1000 free views per day, and from then on the sites will have to pay $7 per 1000.

What that means is that this site which I built as a hobby, would cost me around $1000 a month to run considering the number of page loads I get monthly. Advertising unfortunately doesn’t cover a quarter of that, and as such I would not be able to continue running the site in it’s current form.

To avoid this I have had to change the auto-refresh page to use a different map source, as the current auto-refresh page accounts for approximately 80% of the traffic. The new page is still under testing, so there may be a few issues. Hopefully you’ll find the new refresh page useful.

Thank you for understanding,


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