Welcome to GPS Tracker for Android – The most user friendly, free Andoid tracking system

Welcome to GPS Tracker for Android, the simplest and most convenient 100% completely free, Android tracking application.

This app can be used to track locations using most Android devices, and is extremely useful in cases where phones have been lost or stolen, or if you need to keep track of a loved one. And on top of that, it also contains a history of everywhere you’ve been, so you can go back to a specific day and time, and see where you, or someone you care about was at that exact moment!

Paris to Monaco

View and share your trips

You can use it as a way to keep track of loved ones, colleagues or your friends, but please get their permission first. There is also a public link you can share, if you’re doing something particularly interesting, so people can see where you are. You might be running a marathon, or going on a sailing trip and would like others to follow along with you. This can be done by sharing your link with the people interested. You could also let someone you trust have the URL, just in case there’s an emergency and you need to be found quickly.

One of the many useful features this app has is known as Geo-Fences. You can read up on the link as to what exactly they are, but the short version is just that they’re an area you would like to receive a notification for if someone enters or leaves that area. Set one up as a test to see how incredibly useful they can be!

This app also includes an SOS system we call GPSOS which will alert people by text message or email that you’re in trouble, and also give them a link to a map so they can find you.

Setting up is really simple:

  1. On your Android device go to gpstrackerforandroid.com/download or simply click here.
  2. Install the app from the play store.
  3. Click on the GPS Tracker icon on your device (It looks like a little map with a purple marker on it).
  4. In the app click on the Instructions button, and you’ll see the link to be used, and your special key for tracking your location.
GPS Tracker for Android screenshot

Screenshot of the tracking page

That’s it. It’s so easy, and all of this functionality is completely free! I hope you find it useful. Feel free to send us feedback by using the Contact Us link at the top of this site. We also have a free app for BlackBerrys. If you have one head on over to our BlackBerry tracking page.

  • nagarjuna.b

    dear sir i lost my blackbearry smart phone how can i got i have imu num 352650064540

    • http://investorchallenge.co.za patrickza

      Hi Nagarjuna, if you had installed BerryLocate you would have been able to track it, I’m not sure if you did though.

  • Arvind Parave

    How to add another user

  • suresh

    i have my childs tracking code but i cant track him…how i track him…/

    • http://www.investorchallenge.co.za/ InvestorChallenge.co.za

      Hi Suresh, just enter the code into the website under the “Find my Android” button.

  • suresh

    i have valid codes of my child but cant track him…how can i track him?

  • Petar Radosavljevic

    last location update is an hour ago!!!!!! men!!!!can YOU tell me where is my kid!!!
    of course not

  • Beuff

    Do your kids see when you install and try to load and track they’re cell number? (teenager) lol

    • http://investorchallenge.co.za patrickza

      Hi Beuff, yes for privacy reasons we haven’t hidden the icon away. They’d see it’s there, but they wouldn’t see when they were being checked up on.

  • Bruno Aggazzani

    Felicitaciones desde Argentina!!!
    Muy buena App…

  • salemwitchchild

    How often does this update? We went to another town today and the map shows that the phone is in that town. It isn’t anymore. This needs to be a real time update

    • http://investorchallenge.co.za patrickza

      Hi, the app should update every minute, as long as there is movement. If it’s not please check that you are in an area with mobile coverage, that location services are enabled and that he phone has a data connection. If you’re still having trouble please email [email protected].